I don't know how I've missed it before, but as I have been spending a little more time on Split Coast Stampers lately, I have found Jason Sampson's blog. Not only fascinating because he is a guy who stamps(very cool!), but because of the entertaining turn his card making has taken with his continuing story of The Chicken Who Did It.
From his accidental beginnings in cardmaking, just barely over a year ago in October of 2006, Jason has been busy! After creating the idea for the Chicken Who Did It, he began designing his own unique stamps to be able to express his story.
Jason began selling his stamps, and before he even got the chance to contact her first, Gina K. of Gina K. Designs beat him to it and Langley Boy Designs was born, making Jason's stamps available to the masses via Gina K. Designs.
So, I thought it would be a fun little addition to my blog to interview people with the same passion for crafting as me, and where better to start than with Jason Sampson? He freely answered my questions, no arm twisting required! And here is what Jason had to say:

Jason Sampson

Q. What was it that got you started with stamping and card making?

Jason: I've told this story before, but it was actually by accident *lol* I was cutting out circles from the SU set coldplay for my wife Kelly (Diaries of a Stamper) and I noticed a shape taking form amongst the pile, and that shape turned out to be a snow bear *grin* I told Kelly about it and she suggested i make a card. So I did, and she uploaded it onto her SCS gallery and all the ladies oohed and ahhhed over a hubby stamper, and the rest is history. I gotta say what a history it has been *wink*

Q. Anyone in particular who inspires you, or is all out of your own head?

Jason: Most everything i do is simply out of my head, I mean really who else's head works this way, you know what I mean *snort* I come up with the craziest idea's for cards, that i don't really consider good cards, but funny works for me. but my wife Kelly inspires me to grow, she is so talented as I am sure many of you already know, and it truly humbles me to work along side her =]

Q. What is your favorite tool of the trade?

Jason: I love embossing, but with that said, lately I have been using Creative Memories Circle cutting system to make my custom dome cards that everyone seems to love right now. I'm sure i would love doing them with any other circle cutting system, but this is the one we have. Lately these dome cards are the only cards I make that are good technical cards, and not just funny or clever, if that makes any sense *chuckle*

Q. What do your friends think of your hobby?

Jason: As strange as a guy stamping is a guy stamping with a large network of other guys that think it's okay. Okay to the point where they either want to partner with me and start a stamping company, or think that i am going places with this stamping thing. I first thought I would be looked on as a weirdo by my fellow man, and was shocked to hear them approve. I've learned not to question it too much, if you know what I mean.

Q. What is your favorite project, and why?

Jason: If you don't mind I'd like to give two answers to this as I can't differentiate the two. The first would be a card I made, actually the only card I have made with a bella, and that was my "Reversabella" card where i drew a big teddy bear to carry the pajamabella around, it was a pretty funny card, in my opinion anyway. And the other project is a project in the more literal sense of the word, and that is my "Chicken Who Did It" Blaga ( blog saga, blaga get it). When I started it, I never thought it would grow to the extent it has. I mean its dozens of cards and 30 chapters long, features stamps from many companies, it even started my own stamping line carried by Gina K. A project almost seems to small a statement for it. I just love the integration of cards and story coming together to make this entity that has entertained so many people, I'm just sad that it's ending.

Be sure to check out Jason's blog, I Made This, as well as the always entertaining blaga, The Chicken Who Did It. You can also purchase Jason's stamp sets, Gettin' Buggy With It, and Thanks For Your Support at Gina K. Designs. Jason's wife Kelly is also a great stamper and really knows how to work the color pink! You can see her work on her blog, Diaries of a Stamper.

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