Tool Time!

So, does everyone remember those scissors that we all had from back in the day of scrapbooking ? I, for one, never thought I'd use those things again after the whole 90's fad of cutting people out of pictures into little cloud shapes. Come on, admit it. You know you did it too!
But, I kept them around because like most any of my supplies, I couldn't bear to part with them. Because you know, I might NEED them someday :)
I love all of the cute little scallop shapes that everyone is using lately, but I'm not sure how I feel about spending the $20 on a punch to get the result. Enter the scalloped scissors!
1. After you have traced a circle onto the wrong side of your paper, use your scalloped scissors to cut around the circle, making sure the points on the scissors touch the outline of your circle for even results. We don't want any lopsided circles!
2. Most likely you will have an extra little piece left over that didn't manage to make it into a scallop shape. I just switch to regular scissors and do my best to work it into the rest of the circle.
3. Depending on your skills (probably better than mine!), you may have a gap in your circle.
4. Simply use some ribbon attached with a brad or staple, or any other embellishment you can think of to cover up the space.
Now you have a cute scallop circle and gave your old scissors some purpose again!


Becky Carafa said...

Great tip, thanks!

Anonymous said...

yes I have those scissors too!!! tee hee

Anonymous said...

Great idea - I have several pairs of those scissors. Thank you!

Godelieve said...


Lastel said...

What a clever idea , I have a bunch of those scissors !

workswithpaper said...

Love your instructions! Thanks.