So there I am, just browsing the goodies on Etsy, and what do I see?
*Note: do not look if you are easily offended. And if you do, and if you are, no hate mail, please? I didn't make them!*
I don't know what's more strange. That someone is making these cards, or that people are buying them? I know that art is art and all, but as with the artist's entitlement to thier opinion in making their pieces, so is my entitlement to my opinion.....


Anonymous said...

What is more sad, or sick, about the person that made these, is the person that would actually spend money on them. You have to be a truly messed up person, and mean spirited to send something like that to people. Someone needs therapy!


Jennifer (SCS: jennifer-g) said...

OMG. That is too bizarre. I really hope that seller isn't one of my neighbors or something. *eek*