Amazing Inspiration!

I found Lacey's wonderful blog through a link on the blog of my LSS. I'm so glad I clicked on her link, because there I found the most awesome inspiration in the form of her mini-album as seen here.
(a peek at Lacey's album)


Jennie said...

This is a lovely mini-album...so many details! Are you going to make one?

Sära said...

Hi Jennie, thanks for stopping by!
Isn't it just beautiful? I just ordered some supplies to get started on my first mini-album, so hopefully my order will be here next weekend! I don't think I'll do nearly as beautiful work as Lacey, but I'll try :)

lacey said...

hi there :) this totally makes me happy! :) thanks so much for sharing my blog and mini...makes me feel that i can get back into my creating again-even with all the turmoil in my life right now :) Who is your LSS?

Sära said...

Hi Lacey! I just thought everyone should see your beautiful work! I sent you an e-mail.