I love my Bind-it-All!

But first off, I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas and hopefully the new year is starting out great.
My darling husband listens. He really listens! I was so excited to get my Bind-it-All this year and I couldn't stop binding things. I ran out of chipboard covers very quickly and I think I even eyed up the cereal boxes in the cupboard!
So after all that binding, I figured I should probably make a project out of one of those books. Here is what I started so far (along with the mess I made). "A few things about me". I'm hoping to journal in there as well as add some photos of some of the things that make me, well, me!


lacey said...

CUTE! I need to learn how to use my BIA lol Know of a tutorial any where on this world wide web?? :)

lacey said...

hi ya! me again...just an idea...think you could do a tutorial kind of thing on how to use the BIA? ;0)