Photography Reboot

I love photography.  I cannot remember a time in my life I didn't love it and I couldn't imagine a day of my life without it.
I've been finding myself in a slump lately and have been having a hard time getting inspired and picking up my camera.  I've made a recent decision that shooting for money is not really for me.  The pressure of having to complete a finished product for someone else just kinda' takes the fun out of it, you know?
I've been browsing around on-line the last couple of days looking at inspiring photography and came across this.  It has pretty much reaffirmed what it is that I truly love about photography.

The website is here: Humans of New York

I just thought I'd share for those of you who haven't yet seen this amazing site.

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Nicole Mantooth said...

I follow humans of New York on instagram and I LOVE it. I love the stories behind the people. It is a daily reminder that no matter how a person dresses, looks, walks, talks.. everyone has their own story to share and is a reminder to treat everyone you meet with kindness you never know what their live holds.