There is a building I drive by every morning and it mostly goes overlooked.  I've wondered about this place for a few years now.  Wondered what it was, what it is now.  Time has worn it down quite a bit in just the last few years. 
Yesterday I stopped to take some photos before it's gone.
 Most mornings I see an older woman stopping by here to leave food out for the cats.
All the windows were boarded up and the doors were padlocked, so I was unable to see inside.

The front door used to read, "No one under 21 allowed".  The paint has been chipped away and you can barely read the words anymore.
This old truck sits out front.


Nicole Mantooth said...

Sara I LOVE old places like that. I often wonder about places, and wonder what it was like and who went there... I wish you could take a look back in time sometimes to see the history of a place. I love the pictures you took, you do amazing work as always. :) If you ever find out what the place was you should share with us, becuase Id love to know too just from seeing your pictures. :)

Grandma said...

I can only echo Nicole's comments! The pictures are so nostalgic, they just beg to be used somehow. I'll have to think about that. Where is the building located?

mylittlepaperaddiction said...

Thank you both.
The building was a bar. I'm not sure when it was last used, but it's definitely been a while judging by the deterioration and growing vines. The last time I went by there I found an old sign which was a wooden cut-out of a beer mug leaning outside the building.