Haul Video

Okay, so I love watching haul videos - especially of products I'm looking at buying because it's nice to see the actual product in someone's hands to get a better feel for size, texture, etc.
My birthday passed by recently and I did a little shopping.  I made my first YouTube video of some of my goodies. 
Please remember, it's my first video so it's not perfect ;)  I'm hoping to find some type of editing app for Android so I can spiff up any future videos.  I've tried a few so far and haven't liked them.  Either they have a watermark over them or the  video output quality is poor.  Does anyone have any apps they use and like?

Here's a fun little bag of confetti and sparkly die cuts! Hoping to get these in some shaker cards soon!

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Nicole Mantooth said...

Love all the stuff you got! I have been eyeballing some frame dies with the little stitched edges. I LOVE those. I love those little rhinestone things too and those snowflake dies.. Heck I love your entire order because I love that paper and the clear cardstock too. lol. Enjoy. Can't wait to see what you make. :)